RBD Coconut Oil

Used in soap manufacture, hair products and cosmetics.

Melting Point °F/°CAOCS Cc 1-2575.2 / 2480.6 / 27-
Iodine ValueAOCS Cd 1-25711-
Water (%)AOCS Ca 2c-25-0.1-
Color ( 5 1/4 )AOCS Cc 13b-45-1.5R / 15Y-
Peroxide ValueAOCS Cd 8-53-1-
Free Fatty AcidsAOCS Ca 5a-40-0.1-

  • 0.1% Free Fatty Acid as Lauric Acid=0.03% KOH Index of Acidity/Acid Value

  • Iron Drums, 190kgs, 98 units = 18.62 MT per fcl (20 ft)
  • Flexibag 21.6 MT per fcl (20 ft)

Tech Spec

G-4720 Tech Spec

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